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[Author£º Xinda 2009-09-09 Click£º 2001 ]

Xinda Energy Equipment devote herself to green the Earth, treasure the waste, benefit the people.

In 21st century, enviromental protection is the no.1 problem for all of the human beings. We had suffered lots of pains from traditional treatments of the waste tyres and plastics, thousands acres of farms were being swallowed day by day. But now, we say no to these rubbishes, actually, they are treasures after our efforts.

Xinda Energy is playing the right role to process the wastes to the renewable energy, after decades of the exploring, testing and scientific verification, crude oil could be refined from waste rubber and plastics successfully after proper pyrolysis and purifying. Xinda is right the exploiter in this field, we support not only equipments, but also technical index, we support not only advanced information, but also market demand.

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